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Current Issues

View the CHBA BC one-page overview of policy recommendations here.

The Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia is actively engaged in many issues related to the residential construction industry. Should you have any questions about the issues below, please call our office at 604-432-7112 ext. 302 or by email 


British Columbia's New Energy Step Code (2017)

CHBA BC is an active stakeholder in provincial discussions on British Columbia's new Energy Step Code. We continue to advocate that housing affordability is a top priority with any new changes to the code, and our message has been well received in the current discussions.

Energy Retrofit Incentives for Existing Homes

Changes are taking place to energy-efficiency requirements for new homes, through the BC Energy Step Code. However, the real opportunity to decrease greenhouse gases in housing is by retrofitting the existing housing stock. CHBA research indicates that homes built before 1985 use double the energy as the homes built since, suggesting that significant improvements can take place if the right incentives are introduced.

Consumer Protection and the Underground Economy (Ongoing)

We currently participate in a number of awareness campaigns related to the underground economy. We have a Hiring a Contractor  page on our website with relevant links to information that consumers need to know. We also support initiatives by our National office with the Get It In Writing program and the work of provincial and federal governments on this issue. 

Fees, Taxes, and Charges on New Housing (Ongoing)

We continue to advocate that the increasing fees by all levels of government impacts housing affordability. New home buyers should not be funding municipal services that all residents take advantage of, such as transit services or new infrastructure. 

Warranty Claims (2015)

When warranty claims are made, the funds are provided to the home owner for the work required but the home owner is not under any obligation to pay the builder, who is ultimately responsible for the claim. This means some builders are forced to pay for the work, while home owners retain the funds.  We are working with the Homeowner Protection Office and provincial warranty providers to find a solution. 

Reconstruction Loan Program (2015) 

A $750 per unit reconstruction fee is required for each new dwelling unit that is in a multi-unit building constructed in the coastal climate zone. Reconstruction fees are used to fund the Reconstruction Loan Portfolio, but the program stopped in 2010. We have brought this up with BC Housing, the Ministry of Finance and the Minister for Small Business as to why fees are still collected for a program that is not in operation.