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BC Energy Step Code

BC Energy Step Code

In August 2016, the Province of British Columbia announced plans to encourage the development of net-zero buildings, and develop consistent energy-efficiency requirements for new buildings that go beyond the minimum standard in the BC Building Code.

A Working Group was formed by the Building Safety and Standards Branch in 2016 to discuss this this topic. Representatives for CHBA BC participated in the working group, in addition to stakeholders from local governments, utility groups, and other industry associations. Read the final working group report using this link.

The result of these efforts is the BC Energy Step Code – a voluntary roadmap that establishes performance targets, or steps, that will support transformation from the current requirements to net zero energy ready buildings.

When will the BC Energy Step Code be in effect? 

A: In the provincial transition to the new Building Act, any municipalities with existing energy-efficiency bylaws must have transitioned to the Step Code requirements by December 15, 2017. After this date, the previous bylaws will no longer apply. For any municipalities that choose to not enforce the Step Code, the BC Building Code will be the minimum standard required. 

What about protecting affordability? 

In response to industry requests, a significant costing study was conducted to review the impacts on affordability. This costing study will be released in early Fall 2017.