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Licensed Energy Advisors

Download a list of Licensed Energy Advisors in BC HERE


While it is not mandatory in all areas, obtaining a energy evaluation from an Energy Advisor (EA) is a great way to understand the energy use of your home. An EA is a licensed professional that can evaluate your home, provide the modeling and testing required for the final certification of your home, and ultimately, provide a tool that may increase the market value of your home once certified.

An EA is trained to give home buyers, builders and renovators tips and direction to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their home. While there are many labeling programs – EnerGuide*, ENERGY STAR®,  BUILT GREEN® Net Zero and R-2000* – an EA can guide you on what adjustments and changes are needed to improve the energy consumption of your home.

An Energy Advisor Will:

Assess the best materials to maximize air quality and energy efficiency

Ensure that the building envelope is performing at its best

 Offer suggestions to improve the energy usage of the home with or without mechanical systems

Provide access for up to $2,000 with the New Home Program Incentives for ENERGY STAR® qualified homes**

Provide an evaluation of the home based on plans prior to construction

Bring third party verification and inspection to the project

Provide further details of certification programs that may be the best fit for the project

Test the home at completion, create a final report and provide documentation for an EnerGuide rating

 *EnerGuide is official mark of Natural Resources Canada. The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted in Canada and is used with permission

**Whole home incentives for ENERGY STAR® qualified homes and laneways, minimum EG82, are applicable to natural gas heated homes, provided by FortisBC and homes in the FortisBC electric service territory.