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EnerGuide Rating System

Download the Builder Registration Form and Home Enrolment Form

Forms must be opened in Adobe Reader to enable the fillable function. Get Adobe Reader HERE

New home builders participating in the EnerGuide* initiative work with an energy advisor to develop energy efficiency upgrade packages that they can offer you before construction of your house begins. After a house is completed the energy advisor visits the home to verify that the energy efficiency upgrades were included as planned. The homeowner is then provided with the evaluation report and official label that shows the EnerGuide rating of the home.

An EnerGuide rating shows you, and future buyers, exactly how energy efficient your home is at the time of construction. The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions so that you can compare the performance of one house to another.

Read Natural Resource Canada's online publication "Keeping the Heat In" HERE

Step 1 - REGISTRATION - The builder must first register with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) by completing the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) Builder Registration Form. This is a onetime process, renewed every two years and there is no fee to register.

Step 2 - ENROLMENT OF HOME - The Builder completes the Home Enrolment Form for each house they wish to enroll. Each house enrolled in the program will be charged the enrolment fee and must have its own blower door test conducted in order to receive the EnerGuide label. Please note that registering as a builder with Natural Resources Canada is at no cost to the builder or homeowner and is strictly voluntary. The cost to enrol the home is to cover CHBA BC's administrative support and activity in finalizing the labeling process.

Step 3 - PLAN EVALUATION - The builder chooses an Energy Advisor (EA) in their area to perform the Plan Evaluations and fan testing. The Energy Advisor’s listed are licensed by CHBA BC to perform plan evaluations in BC. The EA will work with the builder and make recommendations for upgrades in order to reach the desired EnerGuide rating and perform an onsite test of the home once construction is complete.

Step 4 – FINAL CERTIFICATION LABEL - The completed files with all required information are sent to Natural Resources Canada to register and approve file results. Once the  home raiting is approved by NRCan, CHBA BC will issue an EnerGuide Rating System label and a homeowner's report to the builder to provide to the homeowner.

The label should be prominently and permanently displayed as this is the proof of the homes high energy efficiency standard. This label is backed by the Government of Canada and it shows the consumer that a trusted, independent expert from the EnerGuide rating system initiative has evaluated the home for energy efficiency.

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*EnerGuide is official mark of Natural Resources Canada. The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted in Canada and is used with permission