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CPD Credits

Continuing Professional Development for Residential Builders in British Columbia


On March 4, 2015, the Province first announced an enhanced licensing system to raise the bar of professionalism in British Columbia's residential construction industry. 

 All licensed general contractors are now required to take Continuing Professional Development in areas related to the residential  construction industry as a condition of renewing their licence each year.



Each applicant is required to have earned 40 Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD Credits) in the one year period between their license renewal dates. For example, if you renewed your license on October 1, 2016, you must complete your CPD credits before October 1, 2017. Any credits outside that period do not count, and excess credits cannot roll over into the next year. 

How do I earn CPD credits?

Credits are awarded in three areas: active practice, formal learning and in-formal learning. Applicants must keep proof of their completed CPD credits and training for three years. 

Active Practice means being actively engaged in the construction management of new homes throughout the year. Every 20 hours of learning is equal to 1 CPD credit of active practice, and you can claim up to 20 credits (400 hours) each renewal. 

Formal Learning is attendance in structured courses and training that includes an exam or assignments. Courses offered through the CHBA BC Continuing Education program are all eligible for various amounts of CPD credits in formal learning. See the program using this link.

In-Formal Learning is attendance at training activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, or research. CHBA BC offers an education conference twice per year, usually in March and September, that includes informal learning seminars. 


What subject areas count for CPD credits?

CPD Credits are split into two categories: Group A and Group B. Group A is points awarded for training that is related to Building Code, Construction management and supervision, construction technology and customer service/home warranty insurance. Group B relates to financial planning and management, legal issues, business planning and management or business ethics. You must ensure that 50% of your CPD credits fall within Group A. 


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Access the CHBA BC Education Website to register